Graham is Founder and Chairman of PAOGA Ltd. ( providing Personal Data Stores (PDS) and Personal Information Management Services (PIMS), ‘Your digital safe deposit box to securely store your valuable identity , personal information & documents’, and the Personal Information Exchange (PIE) managing the ‘rules of engagement’ between organisations and individuals.
TRM (Trusted Relationship Management) extends CRM, allowing 2-way secure conversations, transactions and data exchanges between buyers and sellers. PAOGAsign allows verified individuals and organisations to share and sign documents with legal certainty and evidential weight thereby reducing the cost, time and risks associated with physical paper documentation.
He is called to speak at various UK and European conferences addressing the private and public sector on personal privacy, lectured at INSEAD and Sussex University and served as NED for 1st Software Corp. Graham is an advisor to a number of Web 2.0 start-ups.
From 1993 - 2001 Graham was a Founder and CEO of Infobank Plc. (rebranded Izodia) developing a B2B e-procurement enterprise solution. He was involved with raising initial VC investment and subsequent IPO. Graham stood down in April 2001.
Prior to Infobank Graham had over 20 years experience founding and managing a number of businesses in the communications and publishing industries spanning graphic design, advertising, marketing, international book publishing (acquired by Time-Life Books International), early electronic publishing (NAPLPS), software development (Personal Presentation System for Olivetti and DataBase Publisher for IBM and Ventura) and international software publishing (acquired by Ventura Software Inc. a division of Xerox Corp.) where Graham was Managing Director and VP EMEA.
Throughout his working life Graham has been exploiting technology to automate repetitive tasks, reducing costs and facilitating legal compliance, on the principle that People Are Our Greatest Asset.